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Owner of Galletta’s Greenhouse in Oswego, NY


2007 Towner Ad - John Galletta Memoriam


Memories of a Humble Life

Take a stroll with me down memory lane to the fifties and sixties.
Downtown Oswego was the place to be, and there you might meet my Dad, police officer John Galletta. He was a police officer for 20 years.
He would walk the beat, checking locks, making sure Oswego was safe.
He would even buy shoes for a child who could not afford them; it gave you that feeling that everything would be all right.
My Dad worked many jobs in his life in addition to Police work. He was an ironworker, he served in the Navy, and he was a security guard; but anyone who really knew my Dad would know that his real love was his flower business, Galletta‚Äôs Greenhouse. He felt it was his calling, he told me because, ‚Äúflowers make people happy.‚ÄĚ He ran Galletta‚Äôs from the fifties to 1995. He passed away in 1996. His last wish to me was that I would carry on his business in our family name. I have been doing this for 12 years and running. I want to thank my loyal old and new customers for helping me to honor my Dad and the humble business that meant so much to him.

God Bless,
Mary A. Galletta-Stevens
Galletta’s Greenhouse

My dad Wesa and mom Mary with Grandpa John Galletta. Picture from 1/1996, a few short weeks before grandpa Galletta’s passing.

Galletta's Greenhouses of Oswego, NY!
comic-2007-05-21-In-memoriam-of-John-J-Galletta-Gallettas-Greenhouse-founder.gifA portrait of my maternal grandfather, John J. Galletta – the founder of Galletta’s Greenhouse. Drawn from pictures of him taken in the years before his passing.

Almost every year since Towner’s creation, I illustrate newspaper ads for Galletta’s Greenhouse – my family’s small business that I’ve lived and worked at pretty much my entire life. Again, most of them are requested by (and often an idea from) the owner of said greenhouse¬†–¬†my mom, Mary Stevens. This one was no exception. They aired in the Palladium-Times, the local newspaper, and are often reprinted every May.

A casual reader may say, “Where are the comics? I see a bunch of greenhouse ads?” The answer to that is nobody commissioned me to draw new comics, but someone did commission me to make a few ads a year. I wrote and illustrated over 100 strips before the Galletta’s ads, and not one cent was made from them. Want new Towner comics? Buy the printed volume. Vote for the comic on various websites. Check out our ads (and do NOT use an adblocker). These are all VERY small things that help support me and make it worth the time and energy involved in creating new comics. It genuinely hurts when I work on these things for hours and hours over years and years and nothing to show for it.

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