Winter time thaws are often traumatic for snowmen and snow forts. But the snowballs still hurt. Like… wow do they hurt.

This strip and over one hundred more are found in…

The Adventures of Towner & Friends: The Complete Collection 1997-2009

and Illustrated by Christopher Galletta Stevens Standard Sized Trade Paperback,
Full Color, 70 pages, over 130 strips, ON SALE NOW! $15.99

an imaginative little boy Towner on his daily adventures at school, at home,
and at play! Meet his wacky friends – the megalomaniac Dizzter, the odd portly
boy named Cow, and Towner’s brother – who happens to have a very strange doll!
Meet his family, neighbors and pets! Over 130 comic strips, and – a rarity nowadays
– kid-friendly! This trade paperback contains the entire collection of Towner
comic strips between 1997-2009, as well as all of his newspaper spots and never-before-seen
bonus cartoons. Seventy pages with over one hundred and thirty comic strips,
many in full-color! Designed for people of all ages with grateful acknowledgement
to, our exclusive printer of all ChrusherComix
Studio publications!

Strip created sometime in 1998 and colored & webpublished in 2006.