Welcome to The Adventures of Towner & Friends!

Join an imaginative little boy Towner on his daily adventures at school, at home, and at play! Meet his wacky friends — the megalomaniac Dizzter, the odd portly boy named Cow, and Towner’s brother – who happens to have a very strange doll! Meet his family, neighbors and pets!

Try some Comic samples:

Here are some samples of some of the finished comic strips on the website. All of the comics were originally just done black and white/pen and ink to paper, but later got digitally scanned and colorized for the website. However, many are still just B&W, and while still good (actually, quite a few are some of my better ones, IMO), just didn’t get colored yet. So just dig deeper into the site!

Memorial Day SNOW DAYS
19980719 Sledding! towner20060306b
Towner comic colored & web-published on 2006-02-28
Downhill Racing - Towner vs. Dizzter!


The Adventures of Towner & Friends (Trade Paperback)

Help the author and buy a copy today! Sales help warrant the production of new comics! SOLD OUT after… 3 buys! 2 my own!

The author is busy with his humble small business, family and assorted hobbies, so Towner comics often takes hiatuses due to low — er, no, I mean — an almost complete lack of reader interest. And I mean nearly zero.

It takes several hours for each comic you see — starting with coming up with an idea, draw it, scan it, color it, and publish it on my website, which is maybe around $100 a year to host and further time to upkeep. For $0.00 pay. And, again, almost zero hits and zero reader feedback.

In fact, you know what gets the most hits on this website? HACKERS TRYING TO HACK IT! Nice, huh?

So, for every viewer that sits and reads a scant 1-5 comics and leaves (often with an adblocker on, so I can’t even make a few cents on a page load), there are hundreds of hackers trying to hijack it to use for whatever nefarious purpose ethically handicapped, moral relativist, spiritually retarded hackers do. But they do!

So I pay money every year to keep Towner comics online every single day in hopes that people will find it, like it, and possibly support its growth! For you, reading this now. Who maybe will leave and forget you ever saw this site.

And all I get for my effort, time, and money out of my wallet is… very little traffic, completely zero feedback, and TONS of hackers trying to  take over the website and ruin it.

Since most of these comics are 8-25 years old, I had many more ideas for the characters. Some of them were:

  • Dropping the comic strip format for a book format (since one-a-day-gags and the small strip dimensions are so limiting and more for humorists instead of artists)…
  • Coloring more of my older strips…
  • Creating more characters…
  • Creating more adventures…
  • All good things, all good things!

The problem is… as I said above — the site gets more interest and WAY more traffic from hackers than actual human readers. And in over a decade and a half of it being online, zero people coming forth with support or sponsorship. The website will likely stay, but new content wont come with zero feedback or sponsorship. OH! And I’ll also never forget that one time where people I used to race go-karts called me and my comics a failure, nobody, and never was. Ah, good times!

So… enjoy when I have up and if you want to see more, please contact me with encouragement. Hell, even just a Facebook like and/or share! And more if you could… but hell, anythng is better than nothing, right?


Christopher Galletta Stevens

The Adventures of Towner & Friends: The Complete Collection 1997-2009

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Over 130 comic strips, and – a rarity nowadays
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