1998-06-26-Towner's-dad-impressed-with-his-research-about-turtlesTowner did his due diligence on a wild-captured baby turtle that he found, and it is living a happy and healthy lifestyle in his aquarium, much to his dad’s pleasant surprise. Sadly, many children do NOT know how to take care of such a pet (and nor do their parents), and many get sick and/or die. A turtle or frog require more care than your average pet fish, and anybody who has one as a pet  – child or adult – should be educated on the do’s and don’ts before taking one on as a pet.

I based this after my childhood, where my brother and I sadly lost one baby turtle because we had NO CLUE how to take care of it. My next one lived over 20 years(and bred many baby turtles from it) because my brother and I educated ourselves on how to care for them. The difference is a good education (and mind you, not all educations are good).

However, on the extreme reverse of the argument, sadly, many states are making it illegal to keep certain animals as pets. While I don’t disagree with rare/endangered or potentially lethal animals should highly regulated (classes taken, licenses earned, so on), it is a scary shame that government overreach is effecting freedoms in our daily lives. A middle ground can be had, but unfortunately, there is none.