Poetry by Mary A. Galletta-Stevens
© Copyright  – Mary A. (Galletta) Stevens
Owner of Galletta’s Greenhouse in Oswego, NY

Sowing Seeds and Memories

"Great Grandpa Anthony Galletta" - "Seeds & Memories" by Mary Stevens (text) and Christopher Stevens (art)

“Great Grampa Galletta” Artwork by Christopher Galletta Stevens for Mary A. Stevens and Galletta’s Greenhouse (5/2009).

Memorial Day is the holiday for living memories, memories that can affect lives.
Live with me, a memory of the founder of Galletta’s Greenhouse, Anthony Galletta, my Grandfather. He was a humble, hard-working man. He was a man of few words with a wonderful sense of humor. He passed this humor to his family, especially to my sons. Grampa taught my Dad, John, how to plant when he was five years old, who, in turn, taught us our knowledge of plants.
The living memory that will always touch my heart is a bouquet of flowers that my Grampa gave to me when I was very young. Let me add that my Grandfather was also thoughtful and sensitive. Thanks to Grampa and my Dad, I have been able to enjoy flowers all of my life.
It has also been our great joy and honor to offer the beauty of flowers to our customers for more than sixty years.
When you are planting your garden this year, ponder your living memories. May they enrich your life.
Enjoy your garden, and don’t forget to plant a living memory in the hearts of your loved ones.

Memorial Blessings,
Mary A. Galletta-Stevens
Galletta’s Greenhouse

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